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    民俗摇滚是一种音乐类型,结合民间音乐和摇滚音乐. 在其最早的和最窄的意义上来说,指一种体裁,产生于美国和加拿大大约在60年代中期。




    Folk Rock民俗摇滚/民俗岩石 编辑

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    Folk rock is a musical genre, combining elements of folk music and rock music .民俗摇滚是一种音乐类型,结合民间音乐和摇滚音乐.

    In its earliest and narrowest sense, the term referred to a genre that arose in the United States and Canada around the mid-1960s.在其最早的和最窄的意义上来说,指一种体裁,产生于美国和加拿大大约在60年代中期. The sound was epitomized by tight vocal harmonies and a relatively "clean" (effects- and distortion-free) approach to electric instruments epitomized by the jangly sound of The Byrds ' guitarist Roger McGuinn .音质谈不上严密vocalharmonies一个相对"干净"(视觉效果和无变形)的方式,对电动工具的缩影由jangly健全的byrds'结mcguinn罗杰. The repertoire was drawn in part from folk sources, but even more from folk-influenced singer-songwriters such as Bob Dylan .本辑网罗一部分来自民间的来源,更是从民间影响的歌手如bobdylan.

    This original folk rock directly led to the distinct, eclectic style of Electric folk (a.k.a. British folk rock) pioneered in the late 1960s by Pentangle and Fairport Convention .这种原始的民俗摇滚直接导致了截然不同,折衷主义风格电动民俗(a.k.a.英国民俗摇滚)率先在60年代末由pentangle和fairport公约. Starting from a North-American style folk rock, Pentangle, Fairport and other related bands deliberately incorporated elements of traditional British folk music.从一个北美风格的民间摇滚,pentangle,fairport和其他相关乐队故意把传统英民歌. At the same time, in Brittany, Alan Stivell began to mix his Breton roots with Irish and Scottish roots and with rock music.在同一时间,在布列塔尼,艾伦stivell开始他混布雷根与爱尔兰和苏格兰的根与摇滚音乐. Very shortly afterwards, Fairport bassist Ashley Hutchings formed Steeleye Span in collaboration with traditionalist British folk musicians who wished to incorporate electrical amplification, and later overt rock elements, into their music.不久之后,fairportbassistashleyhutchings形成steeleye跨度与传统的英国民间音乐家的人希望把电力扩增,后来又公然摇滚元素融入他们的音乐.

    This, in turn, spawned several other variants: the self-consciously English folk rock of the Albion Band and some of Ronnie Lane 's solo work, and the more prolific current of Celtic Rock , incorporating traditional music of Ireland , Scotland , Cornwall , and Brittany .这又引起了其他几个变种:自觉英国民歌摇滚的albion乐队和一些罗尼里'ssolowork,越多产电流凯尔特摇滚,将传统音乐,爱尔兰,苏格兰,康沃尔,布列塔尼. Through at least the first half of the 1970s , Celtic rock held close to folk roots, with its repertoire drawing heavily on traditional Celtic fiddle and harp tunes and even traditional vocal styles, but making use of rock band levels of amplification and percussion.至少在1970年代上半期,凯尔特摇滚举行贴近民俗根其画辑依赖传统凯尔特小提琴和竖琴曲调,甚至传统的声乐风格,但是利用摇滚乐水平放大和打击乐.

    The Byrds ' folk rock album, Mr. tambourine Manthebyrds'民俗摇滚专辑,张tambourine男子
    In a broader sense, folk rock includes later similarly-inspired musical genres and movements in the English -speaking world (and its Celtic fringes) and, to a lesser extent, elsewhere in Europe .从广义上讲,民俗摇滚包括后来同样启发音乐流派和运动,在英语世界(及其凯尔特人fringes),并在一定程度较轻,而在欧洲其他地方. As with any genre, the borders are difficult to define.同任何流派,边界难以界定. Folk rock may lean more toward folk or toward rock in its instrumentation, its playing and vocal style, or its choice of material; while the original genre draws on music of Europe and North America, there is no clear delineation of which folk cultures music might be included as influences.民俗摇滚精益可能更偏重民俗,或对岩石的仪器,它的演奏及声乐风格或其材质的选择;而原先的体裁依靠音乐欧洲和北美,目前还没有明确的划分,民俗文化的音乐,可能被列为影响. Still, the term is not usually applied to rock music rooted in the blues -based or other African American music (except as mediated through folk revivalists ), nor to rock music with Cajun roots, nor to music (especially after about 1980) with non-European folk roots, which is more typically classified as world music .但是,任期不是通常采用的摇滚乐,根植于蓝调型或其他非洲裔美国音乐(除中介民俗revivalists),也不是摇滚乐与美国路易斯安纳州的根源,也对音乐(尤其是约1980年)与其他非欧洲民族的根,其中较为典型列为世界音乐.

    1 The roots of folk rock1根民俗摇滚
    2 The original folk rock impulse2原民俗摇滚冲动
    2.1 Country folk2.1乡下人
    3 Electric folk3电动民俗
    4 Elsewhere in Europe and the Mediterranean4其他在欧洲和地中海
    5 Italian folk rock5意大利民歌摇滚
    6 Folk rock artists6民俗摇滚乐
    6.1 Singer-songwriters6.1歌谣
    6.2 1960s North American folk rock vocal groups62世纪60年代北美民俗摇滚团体声乐
    6.3 Other U.S. bands of this era6.3其他美国乐队这个时代
    6.4 British and Irish folk rock6.4英国和爱尔兰民歌摇滚
    7 Modern Folk Rock7现代民间摇滚
    7.1 Other7.1其他


    The roots of folk rocl根民俗摇滚/民俗岩石 编辑

    Folk rock arose mainly from the confluence of three elements: urban/collegiate folk vocal groups, singer-songwriters, and the revival of North American rock and roll after the British Invasion .民俗摇滚,主要是由于来自汇合处的三个要素:城市/合议民歌演唱团体歌谣的复苏和北美摇滚乐在英国的入侵. Of these, the first two owed direct debts to Woody Guthrie , Pete Seeger and the Popular Front culture of the 1930s .其中,前两项直接所欠债务woodyguthrie,peteseeger和人民阵线文化的1930.

    The first of the urban folk vocal groups was the Almanac Singers , whose shifting membership during the late 1930s and early 1940s included Guthrie and Seeger and Lee Hayes .第一条城市民俗声乐组年历歌手其成员将在1930年底和1940年初列入guthrie和安道尔与李海斯. In 1947 Seeger and Hayes joined Ronnie Gilbert , and Fred Hellerman to form the Weavers , who popularized the genre and had a major hit with a cleaned-up cover of Leadbelly 's " Goodnight, Irene ", but fell afoul of the U.S. Red Scare of the early 1950s .1947年安道尔和希斯加入罗尼吉尔伯特,而fredhellerman组织那些大众化的体裁,产生了重大的冲击与清理封面leadbelly's"晚安,艾琳",但下跌afoul的美国红吓的五十年代初. Their sound, and their broad repertoire of traditional folk material and topical songs inspired other groups such as the Kingston Trio (founded 1957 ), the Chad Mitchell Trio , New Christy Minstrels , and the (usually less political) "collegiate folk" groups such as The Brothers Four , The Four Freshmen , The Four Preps , and The Highwaymen .他们的声音,他们的许多传统民俗的物质和热门歌曲的灵感等群体金斯敦三重奏(创建于1957年),乍得米切尔三人,新christyminstrels,和(通常是较少的政治)"合议民俗"群体,如兄弟四个,四个年级,四preps和highwaymen. All featured tight vocal harmonies and a repertoire at least initially rooted in folk music and (in some cases) topical songs.所有节目紧凑vocalharmonies一辑至少最初植根于民间音乐(在某些情况下)专题歌曲. The successors of such groups were bands such as We Five and the Mamas and Papas (1965-6).接班人这类群体带等五个我们的妈妈与爸爸(1965-6).

    When the term singer-songwriter was coined in the mid- 1960s , it was applied retroactively to Bob Dylan and other (mainly New York -based) folk-rooted songwriters.当用歌谣的词,在60年代中期,它追溯鲍勃迪伦及其他(主要纽约)民俗扎根songwriters. Scottish songster Donovan also fit this mould.苏格兰songster班上也符合这一模. Dylan's material would provide much of the original grist for the folk rock mill, not only in the U.S. but in the UK as well.迪伦的物质将提供大量的谷物原为民间岩岭不仅在美国,但在英国等.

    None of this would likely ever have intersected with rock music, though, if it had not been for the impulse of the British Invasion.但这样做可能会有降息的摇滚乐,虽然如果没有了冲动的英国入侵. The Beatles , the Rolling Stones , and numerous other British bands reintroduced to America the broad potential of rock and roll as a creative medium.披头四,滚石,和许多其他英国乐队再次赴美的广泛潜力摇滚作为一个创造性的媒介. One of the first bands to craft a distinctly American sound in response was the Beach Boys ; while not a folk rock band themselves, they directly influenced the genre, and at the height of the folk rock boom in 1966 had a hit with a cover of the 1920s West Indian folk song "sloop John B", which they had learned from The Kingston Trio, who, in turn, had learned it from the Weavers.其中的#20艇明显美声的反应是海滩男孩;虽然不是民俗摇滚乐了自己,也直接影响了体裁,而在高度民谣摇滚热潮1966年,一击中的复盖率在1920年代的印度西部民歌"sloopjohnb",他们学会了从金斯敦三人,那些人,反过来,学会了从weavers.

    However, there are a few antecedents to folk rock in pre-British Invasion American rock; one could cite Link Wray Full Blooded Apache drawing upon Tribal Drum Rhymths in Fatback and Beans但是,也有少数antecedents民俗岩前英国入侵美国摇滚;可以举连套充满血腥阿帕奇借鉴部落鼓rhymths在fatback和豆类

    some of the later recordings of Buddy Holly , which highly influenced artists like Dylan and the Byrds, and to some extent some recordings by country -influenced performers like The Everly Brothers .一些后来唱片buddyholly,而受到很大的影响艺术家喜欢迪兰和byrds,并在一定程度上有些唱片由国家influenced演员像everly兄弟. This was not a recognized trend at the time, and probably would have not been noticed if not for subsequent events.这不是一个公认的趋势,但在当时,大概也没有注意到,如果不是随后发生的事件.


    The original folk rock impulse原始民歌摇滚冲动/民俗岩石 编辑

    In the United States the heyday of folk rock is likely between the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies, not only aligning itself but also becoming the medium of expression for the hippie movement.在美国的全盛时期民俗岩有可能在1980年中期至六十年代至七十年代中期,不仅使自身的发展,而且成为中表达的嬉皮运动. Cities such as San Francisco , Denver , New York and Phoenix became centers for the folk rock culture, playing on their central locations among the original folk circuits.城市,如旧金山,丹佛,纽约和凤凰成了中心民谣摇滚文化玩的中心地点之间原有的民俗电路.

    It is to be noted that the earthy "unplugged" musically simplified sound of the music and common presentation reflected the genre's connection to a more earthy look at society's state of affairs.值得注意的是,土"unplugged"的音乐声简化的音乐和共同颁奖反映体裁的联系更加earthy看一看社会的状况. Unlike pop music's escapist lyrics that were disconnected from reality, a fantasy distraction fro the problems in life, folk artists were actually speaking to masses their connected-to-life messages for peace, global awareness, and other touchstones of the revolutionary era.有别于流行歌曲的歌词,逃避被现实脱节,是不切实际的幻想撑开来来往往的生活困难,民间艺术家其实是说给人民群众的联系-生命的讯息,实现和平,全球意识,和其他touchstones的革命时代.


    Country folk乡下人/民俗岩石 编辑


    Arising originally from the folk-influenced music of Bob Dylan and earlier musicians, the folk revivalist vocal combo, and the rock music of the British Invasion , it folk rock later incorporated elements of country music , drawing on Hank Williams and others.因从原本的民间音乐影响的批判和更早的音乐家,民间revivalist声乐二合一和摇滚音乐的英国入侵,它的民间摇滚后来吸收乡村音乐,掏出hank威廉姆斯等. Such success in the country folk blend led to pioneering records for '60s folk singers like John Denver and Judy Collins .这些成就,在全国民俗交融导致首创记录六十年代的民歌手,像约翰丹佛judycollins.


    Electric folk电动民俗/民俗岩石 编辑

    Main article: Electric folk主文章:电动民俗
    The British style of folk rock (often called electric folk ) was established by the band Fairport Convention , who formed in North London in the late 1960s, and by Pentangle who were also influenced by classical and jazz traditions and avoided electric instruments for several albums.英式摇滚民歌(通常被称为电动民俗)是由乐队fairport公约他们形成了北伦敦60年代末,由pentangle者还受到古典与爵士的传统,避免了电动工具的几本相簿. Steeleye Span , also prominent in this vein, was formed by folk musicians who wished to add electric instruments and experiment with song structures.steeleye跨度,也很突出,在这一方面,原由民间音乐家有意放入电动工具和实验的鸣声. Nick Drake 's music has had a large impact on modern folk rock.nickdrake's音乐却产生了很大影响现代民间摇滚. Several temporary groups, such as the duo, Bert and John , also contributed to the development of the genre.几个临时小组,如二人,伯特和约翰,也有助于发展的体裁. Bert and John , in particular, developed a style of intricate acoustic guitar duet sometimes referred to as 'folk=baroque'.伯特和约翰,特别是发达的风格,错综复杂的吉他二重奏有时称为'民俗=巴洛克'.

    Across the English Channel in Brittany or France , a similar fusion of folk and rock elements can be found in the Breton folk rock music of Alan Stivell (1970s and later) and the French Malicorne , founded by one of Alan Stivell's musicians.横渡英吉利海峡,在布列塔尼或法国,类似的融合民谣和摇滚元素,可以发现在布列塔尼民俗摇滚音乐艾伦stivell(1970版本)和法国malicorne,创立了一个艾伦stivell的音乐家.

    British folk rock was also influenced by some experimental work, found for example in The Incredible String Band , who found considerable popularity in the university town of Cambridge, Massachusetts, for several years, and this line of development eventually contributed to prog rock .英国民俗摇滚还受到一些实验工作,找到譬如在难以置信的弦乐队,谁发现了相当受欢迎,在大学城剑桥,麻萨诸塞州,几年来而这条线的发展,最终促成prog岩石.


    Elsewhere in Europe and the Mediterranean其他在欧洲和地中海/民俗岩石 编辑

    In Hungary fusion of rock and folk music began in 1965, when the band Illés introduced hungarian folk music elements in their beat-influenced music, winning everything could be won in that time at festivals, tv-contests, etc. Their rock-musical István, a király (King Stephen of Hungary), released in 1980 contains heavy folk-influences and traditional folk songs as well.在匈牙利融合摇滚与民间音乐,开始于1965年,当乐队illés介绍了匈牙利的民间音乐元素在巡逻时被影响的音乐,赢得一切可以赢得的时间在节日,电视竞赛等,他们的摇滚-音乐istván,一király(斯蒂芬国王匈牙利),发表于1980年重型载民俗影响和传统民歌等. The film made based on the rock-opera was one of the biggest box-office hits in 1980.影片的基础上,对该摇滚歌剧,是世界上最大的票房命中在1980年. Later on bands like Barbaro , Gépfolklór, Kormorán and Drums have developed a unique sound using odd rythms, progressive rock, hungarian and greek/Bulgarian/etc.后来想带barbaro,gépfolklór,kormorán锣鼓已经制定了一套独特完善的使用奇数rythms,前卫摇滚,匈牙利和希腊/保加利亚/等. folk traditions.民俗.

    In Romania Transsylvania Phoenix (known in Romania simply as Phoenix ), founded in 1962, introduced significant folk elements into their rock music around 1972 in an unsuccessful attempt to compromise with government repression of rock music.在罗马尼亚transsylvania菲尼克斯(已知在罗马尼亚仅仅作为凤凰),成立于1962年,引进大量民间元素融入自己的摇滚音乐,大约在1972年未遂的妥协与政府的镇压摇滚音乐. The attempt failed, and they ended up in exile during much of the Ceauşescu era, but much of their music still retains a folk rock sound.企图失败后,他们终于在流亡期间,大部分的ceauşescu时代但他们的音乐仍然保持了民间罗克桑德. The present-day bands Spitalul de Urgenţă (Romanian) and Zdob şi Zdub ( Moldova ) also both merge folk and rock.现今阶spitaluldeurgenţă(罗马尼亚)和zdobşizdub(摩尔多瓦)也都融入民俗和岩石.

    Other fusions of folk and rock include New Flamenco ( Spain ), the pop-oriented forms of North African raï music, and in the music of The Pogues a Camden Town Punk Band which married Punk Rock and Irish Folk Camden being Both The Centre of Anglo Irish Culture as Well as The Centre of The Punk Revolution.其他融合民谣和摇滚,包括新flamenco(西班牙),流俗形式北非ï音乐而在音乐的pogues了卡姆登镇punk乐队已婚PUNK摇滚和爱尔兰民歌卡姆登既是中心盎格鲁爱尔兰文化以及中心的punk革命. In fact You Could Say Camden is The Root of The The English Folk Revival Itself as it was to Cecil Sharpe House on Oval Rd at the top of archway That Richard Thompson Dave Pegg Sandy DENNY Ashley Hutchins Dave Swarbricks et al headed to plunder the collection dropkick Murphys also draw on traditional Irish music and punk rock .事实上,你可以说卡姆登是最根本的英文民族复兴成为人们塞西尔夏普府椭圆rd放在拱门,理查德汤普森戴夫peggsandydennyashley哈金斯戴夫swarbricksetal为首掠夺收集dropkickmurphys还借鉴传统的爱尔兰音乐和punk岩石.

    Turkey, during the 1970s and 1980s , also sustained a vibrant folk rock scene, drawing inspirations from diverse ethnic elements of Anatolia , the Balkans , Eurasia and the Black Sea region and thrived in a culture of intense political strife, with musicians in nationalist and Marxist camps.土耳其在70年代和80年代,也持续有活力的民间摇滚现场灵感来自不同种族组成的安纳托利亚,巴尔干欧亚和黑海地区的蓬勃发展,在文化的激烈政争,在音乐界的民族主义阵营. See Music of Turkey .看到音乐土耳其.

    Another folk rock band is Gåte from Norway who combines Norwegian folk songs ( Stev ) and rock.另民俗摇滚乐是gå来自挪威人结合的挪威民歌(stev)和岩石.

     Italian folk rock意大利民歌摇滚

    It is too difficult to define the boundaries between folk and ethnic music in Italy , because of its geographic position and its history.为时已很难界定界限民谣和民族音乐,在意大利,由于其地理位置和历史.

    The basis on folk side were founded by the Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare at the end of sixties with the aim of search and diffusion of popular music of Campania .根据民间方创办的nuovacompagniadicantopopolare在结束与六十年目标搜索和传播的流行音乐的坎帕尼亚. A lot of artists alternated in the group Eugenio Bennato , Giovanni Mauriello , Peppe Barra and Roberto De Simone , Fausta Vetere and Patrizio Trampetti .许多艺术家alternated在77欧亨尼奥bennato,乔瓦尼mauriello,peppebarra和Robertodesimone,faustavetere和patriziotrampetti. In 1964 was born Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano that number Ivan Della Mea , Gualtiero Bertelli, Paolo Pietrangeli , Giovanna Marini , and the peasant singer Giovanna Daffini .1964年生于nuovocanzoniere意大利这一数目伊凡dellamea,gualtierobertelli,保罗pietrangeli,giovanna马里尼和农民歌手giovannadaffini. The Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano was characterized by musical search and a strong political commitment, that was bring in the play Ci ragiono e canto (I think and sing) by Dario Fo .该nuovocanzoniere意大利的特点是音乐搜索和强大的政治承诺,这是把这出戏ciragionoecanto(我想,唱)达里奥.

    In Italy many songwriters imported American models: is enough to think to Folk beat n.在意大利许多songwriters美国进口模式:即足以认为民俗击败n. 1 by Francesco Guccini or to Edoardo Bennato who mixes country , tarantella and rock .1弗朗切斯科guccini或edoardobennatowhomixes国塔朗泰拉舞曲和摇滚.

    The original folk rock rooots can be found in two Italian songwriters: Fabrizio De André and Angelo Branduardi .原始民歌摇滚rooots可以发现两个韩语歌曲:fabriziode安德烈和branduardi安杰洛. Angelo Brandurdi is a classical musician, graduated at Genova 's conservatory in violin .angelobrandurdi是一个古典音乐家,他毕业于genova's音乐学院小提琴. His first LP Branduardi '74 is near to progressive sound, later he approaches to medieval and rinascimental and Celtic music; in 1985 he sang W. B. Yeats poetries.他的第一罐branduardi大阪附近的逐步完善,后来,他的做法和中世纪rinascimental和Celtic音乐;1985年他唱叶芝诗歌. The violin, the harp , the sitar , the banjo and the lute are accompanied by electric bass and drums .小提琴,竖琴,sitar,月琴和琵琶伴奏的电贝斯和鼓. Later he substituted violin with electric violin.后来他取代小提琴电小提琴.

    In 1984 Fabrizio De André published the LP Creuza de ma , in Genoese dialect (an ancient dialect, with ancient and obsolete words, imported from Arabian, with linguistic difficulties among the same genoese).1984fabriziode安德烈出版罐creuzamade,genoese语(一种古老的方言,古老和过时的词,输入来自阿拉伯,与语言上的困难,在同一genoese). On the musical aspect, De Andrè used musical instruments from Bosporus to Gibraltar : oud , andalusian guitar , Macedonian bag pipe , flute , turkish shannaj , lute , greek bouzuki and Neapolitan mandolin .在音乐方面,deandrè使用的乐器,从博斯普鲁斯到直布罗陀:oud,安达卢西亚吉他马其顿袋烟斗,长笛,土耳其shannaj,琴,希腊bouzuki和那不勒斯曼陀林. A record that was out of market rules, but was a hit and opened the doors to etno-folk-rock.这个纪录是出于市场规则,而且是一种冲击,打开大门etno-民俗岩石.

    In 1982 formed Lou Dalfin an occitanian group.于1982年成立了娄dalfin一个occitanian77. It is among the first to resume traditional music with traditional instruments: ghironda , accordion and organetto , violin , flute , boha and bag pipe and singing in occitanian language.它是最先恢复传统音乐与传统乐器:ghironda,手风琴和organetto,小提琴,长笛,boha袋管道和歌唱occitanian语言. They broke up in 1985 but reunited in 1990 with a new line up with different roots: folk, jazz and rock; they introduced to folk instruments bass , drums , electric guitar , keyboard and saxophone .他们打破了在1985年回归,但在1990年与新线建立了不同的根源:民俗爵士乐和岩石;他们引进民间文书低音,鼓,电吉他,键盘和萨克斯. It's no more only folk but folk rock.它不再只是民俗可是民俗岩石.

    In 1988 Gigi Camedda, Gino Marielli and Andrea Parodi founded Tazenda , one of the first italian etno-folk-rock, flag of Sardinia in the world.1988年gigicamedda吉诺marielli和Andreaparodi创办tazenda,其中的第一届意大利etno-民俗摇滚,旗撒丁的世界. In their first record they created their own style: launeddas (the oldest reed instruments of the Mediterranean ), the sampled " canti a tenore " , the diatonic accordions are mixed with electric guitars.他们的第一张专辑,他们创造了自己的风格:launeddas(古老的芦苇文书地中海),抽样"canti一杉",三和弦手风琴混合电吉他.

    The Gang were born in 1984 as a punk group, inspired by The Clash , but in 1990 they had an important u-turn: to talk about Italian political and social situation they have to sing in Italian.在刚出生于1984年,作为punk小组,激发了冲突,但是在1990年他们有一个重要的掉头:谈谈意大利的政治和社会形势,他们唱的是意大利. They had also a musical turn, they left Clash's punk, the electric guitar was substituted by acoustic twelve string guitar, were added violin, accordion, harmonica , flutes and bands.他们也有一个音乐转,他们远离冲突的punk,电吉他取代了声十二弦吉他,加上小提琴,手风琴,口琴,长笛和乐队. The Gang produced tree albums Le radici e le ali (1991), Storie d'Italia (1993), with the collaboration and artistic production by Massimo Bubola , Una volta è per sempre (1995) that can be considered among the best Italian folk rock records.帮派生成树专辑leradiciele阿里(1991年),storie德意大利(1993年)与协作和艺术生产的massimobubola,unavoltaèpersempre(1995),可被视为最好的意大利民歌岩石记录. On the stage the previous songs and also I fought the law by The Clash, ever performed by the Gang, were revised in Acustic way.在舞台上的歌,我也打了法律的冲突,以往演出的帮派进行了修改耳蜗方式. In 2004 , after two rock discs, Gang recorded Nel tempo e oltre cantando insieme with La Macina, band of musical search from Marche lead by Gastone Pietrucci.2004年,在经过两岩唱片,刚录neltempoeoltrecantandoinsieme与Lamacina,乐队的音乐搜索从marche率领gastonepietrucci. Traditional songs and Gang's songs were revised rearranged: an example of fusion between rock and popular tradition.传统歌曲和帮派的歌曲改编的修改:一个例子,融合摇滚与流行的传统.

    In 1991 some emilian boys founded Modena City Ramblers , the band that influenced the most the Italian folk rock in the last 15 years.在1991年的一些艾米利亚男孩创办摩德纳市山人,乐队影响最大的意大利民歌摇滚在过去的15年. Their first demo-tape was Combat Folk : a musical manifesto: a fusion of Combat Rock by The Clash and folk: traditional Irish excerpt, political songs ( Contessa ) and partisans' songs ( Fischia il vento and Bella Ciao rearranged with Irish sound.首demo带,是打击民间:一个音乐宣言:融合作战岩石由冲突与民俗:传统爱尔兰摘抄,政治歌曲(contessa)和党徒的歌曲(fischiailvento,bellaciaorearranged与爱尔兰健全. Combat folk will be a new muscal genre: folk rock with a strong political and social message.民俗战斗将是一个新的muscal体裁:民间岩石以强烈的政治和社会信息. Later M.C.R.后来m.c.r. travelled in South America , Marocco , Palestine and South Africa , world sound met rock, punk, loops and samples: the new genre is Celtic patchanka .前往南美洲,marocco,巴勒斯坦和南非,世界的声音与摇滚,punk,线圈和样品:新的体裁是凯尔特人patchanka. Many groups were born by M.C.R.: Casa del Vento , Fiamma Fumana lead by Alberto Cottica (electronic folk); Caravane de Ville of Giovanni Rubbiani; Ductia of Massimo Giuntini; Paulem and La strana famiglia lead by Luciano Gaetani; and at least Cisco (former singer of M.C.R.) now soloist.许多团体出生的m.c.r.:casadelvento,付息fumana带领由Albertocottica(电子民俗);caravanedeville的乔瓦尼rubbiani;ductia的massimogiuntini;paulem和LAstranafamiglia率领卢西亚诺gaetani;至少思科(原歌手m.c.r.)现在独奏.


    Folk rock artists民俗摇滚乐/民俗岩石 编辑

    Main article: List of folk rock artists主文章:清单民俗摇滚乐
    All of the performers listed here had or have both significant folk elements and significant rock elements in their music.所有的演员在这里上市了,或有两项重要的民俗内容和重大的摇滚元素在他们的音乐.


    Singer-songwriters歌谣/民俗岩石 编辑

    A number of singer-songwriters are associated strongly with folk rock.多位歌手相关强烈民俗岩石. Among those who started out strongly identifying with folk music but later incorporated rock influences in their music, or vice versa, are:在那些从一开始就强烈认同民歌,但后来把石头影响他们的音乐,反之亦然,分别为:

    Eric Andersen安徒生埃里克
    Joan Armatradingjoanarmatrading
    Joan Baezjoanbaez
    David Blue蓝大卫
    Jeff Buckleyjeffbuckley
    Peter Case彼得案例
    Gene Clark基因克拉克
    Bruce Cockburn布鲁斯科伯恩
    Leonard Cohenleonardcohen
    Judy Collinsjudycollins
    Jim Crocejimcroce
    John Denver约翰丹佛
    Bob Dylanbobdylan
    Tim Hardintimhardin
    Gordon Lightfoot戈登lightfoot
    Bill Madden草案madden
    Shelagh McDonaldshelagh麦克唐纳
    Joni Mitchelljonimitchell
    van morrisonvanmorrison
    Fred Neilfredneil
    Phil Ochs (arguably a different phenomenon, since his rock music was relatively separate from his folk-influenced music)菲尔ochs(arguably一个不同的现象,因为他的摇滚音乐,是相对独立于他的民间音乐的影响)
    John Phillips范文
    Shawn Phillipsshawn菲利普斯
    John Prine约翰prine
    The Roches该roches
    Tom Rush汤姆匆忙
    Paul SiebelSiebel的保罗
    Judee Silljudeesill
    Paul Simon保罗西蒙.
    John Stewartjohnstewart
    Alan Stivell艾伦stivell
    James Taylor詹姆斯泰勒
    Richard Thompson汤普森理查德
    Jackson Brownejacksonbrowne
    In addition, others (usually of at least a slightly younger generation) seem to have mixed both elements from the outset of their careers:此外,其他(通常至少有稍微年轻一代)似乎已经混合这两种元素,从一开始他们职业:

    Jonatha Brookejonathabrooke
    Harry Chapin亨利chapin
    Tracy Chapmantracychapman
    Jim Crocejimcroce
    Matt Costamatt科斯塔
    Ani DiFrancoanidifranco
    Steve Forbert史蒂夫forbert
    Jonathan Edwards爱德华
    Indigo Girls靛蓝女孩
    Arlo Guthriearloguthrie
    Mark Knopflermarkknopfler
    David Knopfler戴维knopfler
    Don McLeandonmclean
    Willis Alan Ramseywillis艾伦拉姆齐
    Bruce Springsteenbrucespringsteen
    Todd Snider托德snider
    M. Ward米病房
    Neil Youngneilyoung
    Conor Oberstconoroberst
    Singer-songwriter Paul Simon , as one half of Simon & Garfunkel , was a transitional figure between a Dylanesque singer-songwriter and the folk rock vocal sound.歌手兼作曲家保罗西蒙,作为二分之一simon&garfunkel,是一个过渡性人物之间dylanesque歌谣与民谣摇滚声乐声.

    Canadian singer-songwriter Nathan Bishop performs both folk and rock instrumentation and leans on both the lyrical and narrative traditions in his songs.加拿大歌手兼作曲家敦主教同时履行民谣和摇滚仪表和leans既抒情叙事传统在他的歌.


    1960s North American folk rock vocal groups1960北美民俗摇滚团体声乐/民俗岩石 编辑

    These bands were associated with original North American "folk rock" sound, drawing to some extent on traditional folk music, but to a greater extent on the work of folk-influenced contemporary songwriters, such as Bob Dylan or the Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan .这些团伙均与原北美的"民歌摇滚"的声音,画在一定程度上对传统民俗音乐但在更大程度上的工作民俗影响当代作曲家,如鲍勃迪伦或苏格兰歌谣班上.

    The Band乐队
    The Beach Boys海滩男孩
    Bermuda Triangle Band百慕大三角乐队
    Buffalo Springfield水牛城斯普林菲尔德
    The Byrdsthebyrds
    Creedence Clearwater Revivalcreedenceclearwaterrevival
    Crosby, Stills & Nashcrosby,stills&纳什
    Ian and Sylvia伊恩和希尔维亚
    The Lovin' spoonful该lovin'spoonful
    The Mamas & the Papas乱世用重典
    Simon & Garfunkelsimon&garfunkel
    Peter, Paul & Mary , transitional between urban folk vocal groups and folk rock彼得,保罗与玛丽,过渡时期的城市之间的民歌演唱团体和民间摇滚
    The Turtles , whose first hits were in this genre, but who headed off in other musical directions龟,其第一次命中是在这一体裁,但他们两人在其他音乐方向
    We Five , whose lead singer Bev Bivens had a defining influence on the West Coast vocal style of the mid 1960s我们五人,其主唱bev述评有一个决定性的影响,在西海岸歌唱风格,60年代中期


    Other U.S. bands of this era其他美国乐队,这个时代/民俗岩石 编辑

    There were also significant folk influences in the music of several other North American bands of this period who were not generally identified with the folk rock label.此外,还有大量的民间势力在音乐几位北美阶这段者一般不与民间摇滚的标签.

    Moby Grapemoby葡萄
    Sonny and Chersonny和雪儿
    Dion DiMucci (mid and late 1960s recordings)diondimucci(月中下旬1960录音)
    Gene Vincent (mid and late 1960s recordings)基因文森(月中下旬1960录音)
    Jefferson Airplane杰弗逊飞
    The Grateful Dead The Grateful Dead are in Truth The American Equivalence of Fairport Convention in that they draw upon the Folk Music of America not only this but they also played and Recorded Songs Identified with Pentangle such as Rain and Snow while drawing upon the more Traditional American Folk in Deep Ellum Blues感激死感激死的真相,美国同性fairport公约,他们吸取民间音乐美国不但如此,而且发挥和录歌确定pentangle如雨雪同时,借鉴传统的美国民歌在深亚光蓝调

    British and Irish folk rock英国和爱尔兰民歌摇滚/民俗岩石 编辑

    The British and Irish folk rock (or electric folk ) sound started out as an offshoot of the North American.英国和爱尔兰民歌摇滚(或电动民歌)声音地地道道的一个分支,北美. Fairport Convention and Pentangle , were almost certainly the seminal bands of this movement.fairport公约pentangle,几乎肯定是精液带这个运动. Fairport first releases had a sound very close to that of North American folk rock, but began deliberately incorporating elements from the folk music of the British Isles in short order.fairport首次发布了声音很接近,北美民俗摇滚,但开始刻意把分子从民间音乐的英伦三岛,在简短的命令. Pentangle was more electic, and remained acoustic longer.pentangle更兼收并蓄,依然声较长. Several bands in Brittany were also closely associated with this musical movement following the work of Alan Stivell .几个阶布列塔尼还紧紧联系在一起,这乐章以下工作stivell艾伦.

    Unrelated to this movement are a few British acts of the mid-1960s whose music was based on or paralleled US folk rock of the time, such as Chad and Jeremy , Peter and Gordon , The Searchers or Marianne Faithfull .无关,这个动作也有一些英国的行为,在60年代中期的音乐,是基于或比照美国民俗摇滚的时间,例如乍得和杰里米,彼得和戈登,搜索或mariannefaithfull.

    All About Eve一回事前夕
    The Dreaming梦想
    The Dream Academy梦想学院
    Sandy Dennysandydenny
    Fairport Conventionfairport公约
    Fleetwood Macfleetwoodmac
    Alan Stivell (Breton)艾伦stivell(布列塔尼)
    Five Hand Reel五手辘
    Jack The Lad杰克少年
    Jethro Tull ; not all of their music has folk elements, but Songs from the Wood , Heavy Horses and Stormwatch are clearly of this genre.jethrotull;并不是所有的音乐,民俗的内容,但歌的活,沉重的车马stormwatch显然这种体裁.
    JSD Bandjsd乐队
    Led Zeppelinledzeppelin
    Malicorne (French)malicorne(法国)
    Magna Cartamagnacarta
    John Martynjohnmartyn
    Ralph McTell拉尔夫mctell
    Moving Hearts移动的心
    Steeleye Spansteeleye跨度
    Richard Thompson汤普森理查德
    The Levellers该levellers
    The Strawbs该strawbs

    Van Morrison , although from rock and roll, released some folk-rock style tracks, always in an idiosyncratic mode.莫利逊,虽然从摇滚,放出一些民间摇滚风格轨迹中,总是一种奇特的方式. His recent music (since the late 1990s) is more akin to folk-rock, especially in his Collaborations with The Chieftains .他最近的音乐(90年代后期)更像是民俗摇滚,特别是在他的官商勾结的头头.

    The Incredible String Band began doing straight folk before heading off into experimental folk, then folk rock and finally in other musical directions.难以置信的弦乐队,开始从事直民俗抽穗前起飞的实验民俗然后民俗摇滚,最后在其他音乐方向. Band member Robin Williamson has often returned to this style of music.乐队成员罗宾・威廉森常常回到此风格的音乐.

    All of the above were active in the late 1960s or early 1970s.以上所有活跃在60年代末和70年代初. A clearly related sound can be found in Irish music of a slightly later period.明确了相关的声音可以发现,在爱尔兰的音乐稍微后期.

    The Corrsthecorrs
    The Waterboys该waterboys
    The Canadian bands Spirit of the West and Great Big Sea are also more associated with this sound that with the earlier North American folk rock.加拿大乐队精神的西部大大海更与这声音与先前北美民歌摇滚.

    The Canadian band Celtae are fusing two folk traditions, that of Cape Breton and Newfoundland with a broad definition of rock that includes elements of hard rock, funk, and jazz while retaining the original flavour of the traditional music.加拿大乐队celtae融合两民俗,这歌布列塔尼和纽芬兰具有广泛定义的石头,其中包含顽石,funk,与爵士乐同时保留原有风味的传统音乐.

    A similar impulse (but a very different sound) can be found in bands who mix traditional Irish music with punk rock.类似的冲动(但一个非常不同的声音),可以发现他们乐队组合爱尔兰传统音乐punk摇滚. The prototype of this approach might be Thin Lizzy 's heavy-metal -inspired 1973 version of " Whiskey in the Jar "原型的这一做法可能thinlizzy's重金属启发的1973年版的"威士忌在罐子"

    Dropkick Murphysdropkickmurphys
    The Pogues该pogues
    flogging Mollyfloggingmolly
    $wingin' Utter$元wingin'utter元
    A recent book, "Electric Folk" by Britta Sweers (2005) concentrates on Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span.最近的一本书中,"电灯民俗"brittasweers(2005)集中于fairport公约steeleye跨度. Another recent book "Irish Folk, Trad and Blues: A Secret History" by Colin Harper (2005) covers Horslips, The Pogues, Planxty and others.另外最近的一本书"的爱尔兰民歌,trad和蓝调:秘密历史"科林・哈珀(2005)涵盖horslips,pogues,planxty等.


    Modern Folk Rock现代民间摇滚/民俗岩石 编辑

    Present folk rock includes bands such as Aaron Sprinkle , The Dreaming , The Tossers , The River Bends, One Star Hotel, Tegan & Sara , Bill Mallonee , The Lost Dogs , wilco , Son Volt , Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers , The Jayhawks , David Wolfenberger , Over the Rhine , Dawn Xiana Moon , The Greencards , Two Gallants , Elliott Smith , Denison Witmer and many more.目前民俗摇滚,包括乐队等阿伦起油锅,做梦,二传手,河道弯曲,一星级酒店,tegan&萨拉,草案mallonee,迷路的狗,wilco,儿子伏,原本和谐岭creekdippers,jayhawks戴维wolfenberger,超过莱茵河,黎明xiana月球,绿卡,两位豪侠,埃利奥特史密斯denisonwitmer更多.

    broadside Electric宽边电
    Vic Chesnuttvicchesnutt
    Celtas Cortos (Spain)celtascortos(西班牙)
    Continental Drifters大陆游民
    Rick Devin里克devin
    Energy Orchard能源果园
    Fiddler's Green (Germany)fiddler的绿(德国)
    Schandmaul (Germany)schandmaul(德国)
    Garmarna (Sweden)garmarna(瑞典)
    Gåte (Norway)gå(挪威)
    Gordon Giltrap戈登giltrap
    The Grapes of Wrath (Canada)愤怒的葡萄(加拿大)
    Great Big Sea (Canada)大大海(加拿大)
    I Ratti Della Sabina (Italy)我rattidellasabina(意大利)
    Los Jaivas (Chile)losjaivas(智利)
    Matthew Perryman Jones马太perryman悟
    Gundula Krausegundulakrause
    Chris Masonchrismason
    Sandra McCracken姑妈mccracken
    Modena City Ramblers (Italy)摩德纳市山人(意大利)
    Andrew Osenga家osenga
    Roaring Jack (Australia)铁骑杰克(澳大利亚)
    Ruby Blue蓝红宝石
    Spiral Dance (band) (Australia)螺旋舞蹈(带)(澳大利亚)
    Spirit of the West (Canada)精神的西(加拿大)
    STS (Austria)sts(奥地利)
    Sufjan Stevenssufjan史蒂文斯
    The bedridden (Australia)卧床(澳大利亚)
    The Coral (UK)珊瑚(英国)
    The Duhks (Canada)该duhks(加拿大)
    The Levellers该levellers
    The Traveling Wilburys (United States)旅行wilburys(美国)
    Toad the Wet sprocket蟾蜍湿链轮
    Kazuki Tomokawa (Japan)kazukitomokawa(日本)
    The Waifs (Australia)该waifs(澳大利亚)
    Derek Webb德里克webb
    Weddings Parties Anything (Australia)婚礼各方anything(澳大利亚)
    Andy White白安迪
    World Party世界政党



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